I like people.


Produce a video animation using a database of 7000 photos to be the extention of a photographic print exhibition.
Keywords: I like people.


A 196 seconds conceptual “making of”. The idea is actually to represent the photography process in the first person (in the eye of the photographer) and in an un-chronological fashion, from end to start. Photoshoot > Photos selection > Photoshop. The movie starts with the photoshop session: moving and placing people on different layers to compose the final image. Then moves on to the photos selection, represented as a timelapse when the photographer has to browse through his database of images. And it finishes with the photoshoot: an immersion in the crowd. Taken in the swirl of people surrounding him, the photographer has to keep an eye on every details and keep on witnessing and shooting all those “decisive moments”.


The project was shortlisted for one-dot-zero adventure in motion festival in London and New York, and screened during the Antennes festival in France.

Few snapshots taken from the video.

Screening in onedotzero_adventures in motion 2010, London.
one dot zero
The video was also part of the City In Motion (onedotzero), and was aired at the EMPAC – Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center – in New York on Sept, 29th 2011
EMPAC - Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center - New York


- image: blank
- sound: blank
- design: blank